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Bigfoot Surfs in Pismo Beach

After weeks of debating, and turning his back on surf opportunities in Avila Beach, Morro Bay and Big Sur, the surf finally called Satch’s name on Sunday.

The surfing sasquatch paddled out at Pismo Beach, catching a few nice lefts off Pismo Pier to the amusement of the couple dozen surfers in the water and beachgoers watching on.

Stay tuned for more photos and videos of Satch’s adventure. And be sure to send your photos and videos to for posting on this site, and a chance to win free Sasquatch Surf gear.


(Thanks to believers Dan, Beau, Pat and Brian for the photos and video submissions.)

Surfing Bigfoot - Sasquatch Surfs Pismo Beach Surf Contest

Satch throws up a peace sign at takeoff in Pismo Beach.

Surfing Bigfoot - Sasquatch Surfs Pismo Beach Surf Contest

Look at that bigfoot stance. Yep, only in Pismo Beach will you find a surfing sasquatch.

Sasquatch Surfs Pismo

Sasquatch waves to the crowd on the pier as he catches his first wave.

Bigfoot Pismo Surfing

Satch ditches his trunks and surfs naked, because, really, what cop is going to paddle out and arrest a soaked Sasquatch?

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