About Us

A little background on our sasquatch shrewdness


President & CEO

“Satch” is a typical CEO of a major startup dot-com. He’s a recluse. He burns money like it grows on trees, in some remote forest somewhere. He dresses like a slob, when he dresses at all, and turns his nose up at Corporate America. And while he despises cubicles, Satch is surprisingly passionate about board meetings. In fact, his Outlook calendar is usually booked with board meetings Monday-Friday, so good luck getting a hold of him during business hours.

We believe in two things: Sasquatch and the never-ending pursuit of the stoke. All of which makes for the world’s most unique surf gear, Sasquatch Surf — where we embrace all surfers: regular foots, goofy foots, and, yes, even big foots.