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Sierra Sasquatch Sighting

We were driving through a tiny town named Strawberry, somewhere in the Sierras, when we came across this little market and what appears to be a wooden sasquatch out front.

“Pull over!” I yelled to my wife. “Photo op!”

This particular Satch appears to either be holding a beer or experiencing a stomach ache.

Regardless, I figure the Sierras, not far from Yosemite, is a perfect place for a…

Don’t Mess With Satch

Sure, Satch likes to avoid crowds in the surf, but he’s generally a benevolent beast. Still, we have to admit, these jerky commercials with a peeved-off Satch are pretty funny.

And really, it’s probably not a good idea to mess with a 9-foot mythica…

Sasquatch Rocks

As noted in a previous post, Satch the surfing sasquatch has a lot of passions.

When the surf is flat or blown out, he enjoys skateboarding, camping, and even plays some baseball, basketball, and, apparently, football, as you’ll see in our latest Heisman Sasquatch shirt.

But like any legendary pro out there, Satch wouldn’t be the complete surfer if he didn’t have a band.

Satch, for those who…

Sasquatch Sportswear feat. Bigfoot playing Baseball & Basketball

Bigfoot Basketball - Sasquatch Air Jordan

Well, winter’s about here, and things are really starting to cool off on the Central Coast of California — which makes it tough for Satch to roll out of his bed of pine needles and palm leaves for dawn patrol.

We all know Satch digs big surf (as proof by this Sasquatch surfing in Pismo Beach video), but there are times where it’s just too closed out and too cold for a sasquatch, so there ar…

Surfing Sasquatch’s New Music Video


You might not know that Satch has dabbled in the music business, but it’s true. Check out this video he made with the band The Spaces Between, featuring Satch catching waves in Pismo Beach, then getting down with t…

Study: DNA Evidence Proves Sasquatch Is REAL

bigfoot, saquatch, dna, study, research

Well, here’s a big No Duh. Some researchers say they have DNA and video proof that bigfoots do, in fact, exist. Satch here could have saved them a lot of time — and costly DNA lab time — had they just come to the beach last weekend.

The lead scientist¬† on this project, Melba Ketchum, is a veterinarian, which, of course, makes her an expert on Sasquatches and poodles. But, she concludes,…

Bigfoot Surfs in Pismo Beach

Sasquatch Surfs Pismo

After weeks of debating, and turning his back on surf opportunities in Avila Beach, Morro Bay and Big Sur, the surf finally called Satch’s name on Sunday.

The surfing sasquatch paddled out at Pismo Beach, catching a few nice lefts off Pismo Pier to the amusement of the couple dozen surfers in the water and beachgoers watching on.

Stay tuned for mor…

Sasquatch Surf Shop T-Shirt Inspirations

Check out some of these Sasquatch Surf Shop T-Shirts! We’ve been carefully assembling the Sasquatch Surf Shop site for a while now, adding more products and designs as we go. But it’s nice to have a closer look at things.

Here are some samples of the T-shirts we’re putting out, mostly featuring our main logo — Satch riding a shortboard, 70s-style. Here at the Sasquatch Surf Shop, we have lots…

Sasquatch Skateboards into Town for a Haircut

Barbershop Sasquatch

The surf has too big and closed out of late (even by bigfoot standards), so Satch the surfing sasquatch took a day off from the water and skateboarded into town for a much-needed haircut.

Sasquatch Sighting in Avila Beach

Surfing Sasquatch at Avila Beach

If there’s one thing we know about Satch, the surfing sasquatch, it’s that he loves him some fresh produce.

So it was no surprise, at least to us, that Satch was spotted cruising the Avila Beach Farmer’s Market on Friday, grabbing himself some good eats and checking out the Port San Luis surf.

Plenty of the locals, however, were caught off guard by Satch’s appearance, uncertain what to think…

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