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Sasquatch Rocks

As noted in a previous post, Satch the surfing sasquatch has a lot of passions.football_sasquatch_does_the_heisman_tshirt

When the surf is flat or blown out, he enjoys skateboarding, camping, and even plays some baseball, basketball, and, apparently, football, as you’ll see in our latest Heisman Sasquatch shirt.

But like any legendary pro out there, Satch wouldn’t be the complete surfer if he didn’t have a band.

Satch, for those who haven’t been lucky enough to meet him, is a huge fan of “The Nooners,” and when work allows, and the swell is down, you might just find him jamming on the bongos in a field behind his old stomping grounds with the rest of the Nooner crew.

sasquatch_records_rock_n_roll_tshirtAs a tribute to the good ol’ days, when life was simpler, and music rocked, we’ve created our first Sasquatch Records shirt with Satch rocking out with his squatch out.

Rock on, Satch. Rock on!

(Speaking of music, if you haven’t had an opportunity to see Satch rock, be sure to check out his first music video, a collaboration with the local band The Spaces Between. It’s definitely worth a watch if you’ve ever dreamed of quitting your dayjob to become a surfing sasquatch who moonlights as dancer.)

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